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What We Do

1. Virtual-TA for Institutions

Virtual-TA is a powerful, new way to improve student learning. It takes the idea of Teaching Assistants in universities (who grade papers and provide feedback, so as to free up professors to teach large classes or conduct research) and adds a web-mediated dimension. The result is a Virtual Teaching Assistant, or a Virtual-TA. Like an on-campus TA, our Virtual-TAs take their instructions from your faculty, familiarize themselves with the course, the textbook, and supplementary readings and assignments.

We carefully select Masters- or PhD-qualified professionals in a wide array of academic disciplines, train them in the art of providing rich feedback and the use of rubrics and assign them to work with your teaching faculty. Of course, there is a lot more to the service, such as standardized processes to ensure we meet academic standard, pedagogical integrity and instructor preferences. We've developed a tech platform that uniquely allows our TAs to electronically embed rich commentary directly into student assignments – and much more! Be sure to check out the section on Benefits that highlights the many benefits that flow from using the Virtual-TA service.

So if your institution is struggling with finding qualified faculty to keep up with the demand for higher education, then the Virtual-TA service is ideal for you. We have the TAs: only you can decide if your institution’s most prized and expensive resources are being utilized in line with what they were trained for: to create and disseminate knowledge!

If you would like to get started or send us a sample, please complete the secure, web-form below:

2. MyOwnTA for Individual Instructors

MyOwnTA is designed for instructors seeking to use our grading services in their individual capacity. Priced affordably at $6 per paper (for assignments shorter than four pages, double spaced or two pages, single spaced), MyOwnTA offers teaching faculty a reliable and professional grading service. As with Virtual-TA, MyOwnTA is offered in a strictly confidential manner, protecting all student records in line with the FERPA Act (US) and maintaining the anonymity of individual instructors. We serve instructors and have no contact whatsoever with students. We typically assign the same TA to an instructor, which not only helps establish rapport, but also ensures consistency in grading over time. We work closely with instructors to understand the nature of the course, its textbook and supplementary materials, the assignments and associated rubrics and any other idiosyncratic preferences individual instructors might have. If rubrics are not available, we will design rubrics for sign-off by the client instructor. Feedback is provided by embedding comments directly into the student's assignment, which would typically be made available to us as editable documents. The scored rubric is also embedded into the student assignment, which, viewed in conjunction with the comments embedded, rounds off feedback to the student.

We can service courses in any discipline. All we would ask for is access to the textbook and any supplementary materials, ideally in digital form. These can take the form of online textbooks that are increasingly available for free on the Internet. We would also need a rubric on which to score the assignments.

If you would like to get started or send us a sample, please complete the secure, web-form below:

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