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About Us

RichFeedback . . . Where the Science of Learning Informs the Art of Teaching.

RichFeedback is a pioneer in offering end-to-end assessment services for universities and colleges.  RichFeedback is dedicated to the practice that helps institutions measure, monitor, and manage student learning outcomes. We work with faculty throughout the process to help align program and course objectives, assess learning outcomes, and support continuous, mission-driven improvement.

The Company's founder saw the convergence of education and technology as an area full of innovation and potential for transforming the way academic institutions approach their mission and activities. New and imaginative ways could be developed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and learning.

The results of this vision is RichFeedback — where the science of learning informs the art of teaching.

Our premise: teaching is an art shaped by the passion that faculty bring to the classroom, but its methods stand to gain much from the science of learning assessment.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Everywhere, one hears about assessments — in professional journals, in the newspapers, on the radio and television. Governments, employers, taxpayers, donors and others clamor for greater transparency and accountability in higher education. Many institutions struggle with how to achieve these goals effectively, efficiently, and transparently.

The professionals at RichFeedback tackle the most effort-intensive aspects of assessment. This frees up administrators and faculty to focus on mission-critical activities. RichFeedback can design and implement large-scale assessment projects on a university, campus, college, or program basis. Because our staff includes former university professors and administrators with decades of experience in diverse academic settings, we understand and respect the challenges you face and can help you tackle assessment-based learning.

Leave the Mechanics of Assessment to Us

In an ideal world, faculty would have the time to design, manage, and sustain the assessment process. With ever-increasing demands on faculty time, it makes sense to bring in the specialist. Lawyers rely on paralegals; doctors lean on physicians? assistants. Academics can likewise delegate time-demanding assessment services to the experts at RichFeedback. By turning to RichFeedback, you will achieve greater results than going it alone. Leave the mechanics of assessment to us and let your faculty be the learning architects.

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